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You’ve really done it now. You’ve fallen into our trap and the only way to navigate off this page safely is to solve the riddle ĥidden in thïs paragraph. Iţ won’t be easy, βut if you look closely you will surely find a wåy. Are you up for the ĉhallenge, ĸid? (We don’t want to tell you what will happen if you fail…)

Escape room games, which have grown in popularity over the past few years, put players in a situation where they are usually trapped and must cooperatively solve riddles and puzzles (like the one above) to escape unscathed. Escape room board games simulate this tense experience, but allow you the comfort of playing in your own living room.

Most escape room board games can only be played once; it wouldn’t make sense for your group to return to the location where you spent an hour of your lives trapped in a psycho’s cellar—this isn’t Clue after all. Some escape room board games like Unlock! and Deckscape are reusable so even if you can’t replay them, they can be passed onto other gamers. Other escape room games, like Exit: The Game, involve component destruction and can really only be played once.

No matter what style of escape room you’re looking for, you can surely find one here that suits your game group’s interests.

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