We’ve always been curious and in the Meeple Mountain Interview series we act on that curiosity to ask the questions burning at the forefront of our minds. Questions like:

Have you seen turmeric and ginger roots?
How long have you been birding?
What’s your favourite jumper?
Why isn’t your sister illustrating your games anymore?
How will that work?
Do you want to plug the deep end?


Ok, so we also ask hard hitting questions about game design, the state of the industry and the publishing process. From first timers to big names, we’ve interviewed board game designers, publishers, and industry leaders about their successful (and unsuccessful) games, tabletop design and publishing, Kickstarter campaigns, and anything else that springs to mind.

So what if we’ve asked two separatedesigners about their dancing habits – it’s all in the interests of finding out how the great minds in this hobby tick! We’re serious journalists after all.

Have a great idea for an interview question or know someone in the game industry that you've always been intrigued by? Drop us an email and let us know! We may just be able to interview them next and clear some of your curiosities!

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