Miniature Board Games

A miniatures game is one in which the figurines used for play have individual statistics used in the game, rather than being interchangeable pieces to indicate location. Typically, miniatures (or “minis”) games are focused on conflict, with each figure representing a character or group of characters having its own movement speed, attack value, defense value, and so forth. Many of these games are played without a board; instead, players use a table or other large flat surface covered with 3D representations of terrain bearing its own rules. Minis may be supplied unpainted or prepainted, with many players preferring to paint their minis themselves to achieve a custom look. One of the titans in the miniatures world is Games Workshop, whose Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 lines have spawned countless board games, novels, and video games.

Soulgivers Game Review

Lost souls fight to regain their eternal life in this two-player game of tactical skirmishes. Read our review of Soulgivers to learn more.

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