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Justin BellI’m a husband and father of two young kids in Chicago, which we have called home for almost 10 years.  I’ve been gaming my whole life—I was big on Fortress America, Axis & Allies and Shogun growing up along with a D&D game called Mertwig’s Maze—and now I'm a part of multiple game groups in the city.  Some of my current favorite games include City of the Big Shoulders, Orleans, Luxor, Beyond the Sun, Arcadia Quest, Glen More II: Chronicles and On Mars.  Outside of gaming, I am a diversity, equity and inclusion trainer for an IT consulting company.  I love to travel, watch NBA games, go to concerts, sit at movie theaters (50-70 times a year), and eat out almost every day.  I frequently write restaurant reviews on Yelp and wrote movie reviews for a personal blog in a past life.  When the pandemic is over, I'm looking forward to gaming conventions so that I can meet other gamers who have a passion for the hobby!

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