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Party games are amongst the most popular titles, with many being familiar even to very casual gamers. These games are specifically designed to accommodate large groups, and often use simple but flexible rules to maximize player engagement. Because the emphasis is on player interaction, party games frequently focus on social deduction at some level, as seen in games as diverse as Apples to Apples, Werewolf, and Codenames.

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The Chameleon Review – Hiding in Plain Sight

There are lots of social deduction games on the market, so what does The Chameleon have that others don't? Smarts, sexiness, and streamlined gameplay for starters. Wanna know what we think? Read our review of The...

Speechless Review – Mike Elliott

When you need a break from those long, deep games, there are so many simple and fun choices out there. So how does Speechless stack up in a sea of great party games? Read on to find out!