Crowdfunding Roundup

Welcome to Meeple Mountain's Crowdfunding Roundup. Below you'll find the best board game crowdfunding campaigns on the internet, by some of the best board game publishers around. The campaigns listed below are displayed in order of end date, the closer to the top, the more important is is for you to check them out.

Minikin Berry Brawl

Minikin Berry Brawl is a competitive, family-friendly, area control board game for 2-3 players. An instant favourite for any occasion with a fun fantasy theme! Play as Minikin and Brawl !

Barrage: New Lands

Explore new possibilities for the game you love! Get two original expansions including one dedicated for 2-player games!

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Colossal Cat in the Box

2 new expansions and larger-than-life deluxe components - everything you need to play Cat in the Box!

CENSUS The Party Game

A survey based party game, where players answer anonymously and the surveyor has to guess how many answered yes! With 100s of questions that will divide opinion, sometimes It’s better to be anonymous

Lumberjack Games with Flapjacks, Sasquatches, Rockets & More

An all-new Flapjacks & Sasquatches dice game alongside a take-that card game about Lumberjacks with Rocket Launchers. And more!

Railways of the Lost Atlas

An endlessly replayable railroad strategy game.

タワーチェス Tower Chess

コマを重ねる、戦略が広がる「タワーチェス」Layering Pieces, Expanding Strategies, "Tower Chess"

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Tycoon: India 1981

Industrialists take part in nation-building in post-colonial India. Can you balance wealth, fame, and government favor to become the next Tycoon of the country?

The Tower. Your best gaming accessory

The Tower - organizer for gaming accessories, combined with an efficient dice tower

Panda Royale

A beautiful and energetic dice drafting game for 2-10 players.

The Isofarian Guard

The Isofarian Guard returns with new and updated content. Explore this 1-2 player narrative driven boardgame featuring a fully voice acted storyline and musical score powered by Forteller!

Chants for the Old Ones

Raise your cult and summon the Old Ones in this new horror strategy game from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

World of Midgard: Two entirely new Viking adventures

Two brand new completely different stand-alone games set in the Midgard universe that play in about an hour.

Feud: The Seer's Prophecy

Engine Building Viking duel game for 2 players

Bacon Card Game

In 'Bacon,' the goal is simple: collect bacon! But how do you do that? By fattening up adorable piglets and then, well, you know... It's easy to learn, quick to play, and full of laughter!


KUGO is a flick-based dexterity game made from all-natural solid wood. But KUGO isn't one game but a box to make many flicking games!

Ibyron: Island of Discovery

Ibyron is ambushed. The citizens had to leave. Now, after finding a new land, is where you come into the story. Players construct the new city of Ibyron using the resources. Build. Explore. Discover.

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Mythic Mischief Vol. II

Gargoyles, Fairies, Gnomes, and Werewolves join the class in this ‘Seal of Excellence’ awarded strategy game!

Hack Guard: Infinite Strategies

Hack Guard: Dive into a thrilling 2-player hacking game where you become the hacker! Race against time, disrupt your opponent, and accelerate your invasion to seize control of their private network.

2024 Gaming Calendar

The 11th annual board gaming calendar from Scott King.

Rollacrit’s Messenger Bag of Holding

A new, improved messenger bag from the minds that brought you the original Bag of Holding. Strong enough for any quest you encounter!

Unreliable Wizard

In this card based solo game, you are an apprentice wizard tasked by the King with destroying the Demon Lord and thus saving the Princess.

Caveman Rumble

Play as a caveman in Caveman Rumble, matching colors to hunt for eggs and dinosaurs while stealing and betraying your cave friends."

Imperial Twing

Become the Vice Archmage of the Empire in this family friendly, fast paced strategic card and dice game.


Millennia is a competitive civilization game for 1–4 players. The game features card drafting, set collection, economic management, and a novel system of obsolescence.

Design Your Destiny: Running Out of Time

An activity book and box where you play games as the characters in this story, fixing what's broken along the way.

Lands of the Mesozoic

A game 66 million years in the making. Manage an ever evolving ecosystem in the time of dinosaurs. 1 to 4 gamers. 90 - 120 min.


Mycelia is an elegant blend of area control, resource management and (sprinkling of) luck, all brought to life through gorgeous artwork. Grow mushrooms in this dynamic game of tactics and create your

The Strange Forgeries Of Mr. S.C.Rheber

This is a drawing game like no other. Deduce the Secret Rule that shapes the Strange Art Forgeries of Mister S. C. Rheber in a world of dark, twisted characters.

Creature Caravan

A simultaneous tableau-building game in the land of Arzium. Designed and illustrated by Ryan Laukat. Also launching the World of Arzium RPG!

Dragon Eclipse

Enter a magical world of mythical beasts and ancient dragons in Dragon Eclipse, the exciting new board game for 1-2 players!

Teatime Adventures: Tea Pets

Teatime Adventures is a whimsical, cozy mystery roleplaying game set in the thriving and joyous world of the Verdant Isles, where every adventure comes with a recipe and a tea pairing.

Hexcape: Gift From The Divine

A story-based riddle game that blends physical cards and technology to create a unique gaming experience through your phone

Gold Nugget

The raven's left the forest for a few days, leaving its precious gold nugget unguarded. Which woodland creature will successfully raid the nest in this unique bluffing and deduction game?

Flock Together

Flock Together is an asymmetric cooperative game where every player takes on the role of a different chicken to fight off the invading predators before the end of the final season.

Haunted Halloween: The Trick-or-Treat Board Game

Trick-or-treat the haunted neighborhood! Strategize, form alliances and push your luck on a quest to collect the most candy to win!


Rivals is a Battle Royale / Deckbuilding boardgame from 2 to 6 players based on a futuristic universe. ➡️

Canopy: Evergreen

Grow a bountiful forest in this beautiful standalone game of card drafting and set collection based in the Pacific Northwest!

Rolling Zombies

Rolling Zombies is a post-apocalyptic dice rolling, area control game for 2-5 players, where the living dead roam the wasteland, and five factions battle for survival. Scavenge, Explore and Fight

Sirens, Defrag & 16 Candies - A Tiny Game Series

Envy Born Games presents a Tiny Game Series consisting of 3 games with 3 different Themes and Mechanisms! Each game also has something very unique about them. Follow along to learn more!

Theme Park Mania: Build a theme park together

Build an amusement park with 2 - 4 players! Connect your own rides and facilities. When the park opens, competition starts.

Save Snowball

Your adorable bunny Snowball has been kidnapped and you must set off on a heroic adventure to rescue her. Solve puzzles, explore rooms and find clues to track down Snowball and bring her home safely.

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