Crowdfunding Roundup

Welcome to Meeple Mountain's Crowdfunding Roundup. Below you'll find the best board game crowdfunding campaigns on the internet, by some of the best board game publishers around. The campaigns listed below are displayed in order of end date, the closer to the top, the more important is is for you to check them out.

Flame & Fang

Be a dragon! Fight, fly, and hunt together to survive and reveal the story in this tabletop board game.

Villagers of the Oak Dell

Dynamic euro-style roll & write about establishing your own settlement in the Oak Dell! From the author of Terracotta Army - Przemysław Fornal.

99 Ninja - A Micro Dojo Game

99 Ninja is a two player competitive tile laying game, where players use transparent cards depicting ninja from 3 different clans to surround (and eliminate) enemy daimyo.

Boundless Stride: Into the Denlands

Board game by Brandon Perdue & Kevin Wilson. A sandbox adventure featuring innovative movement, legacy rogue-lite elements, & cute animals!


Lovecraftesque is a storytelling card game of creeping cosmic horror. It's an emergent mystery game, which crafts a story out of clues that you take turns to create.

The Morrison Game Factory

The Morrison Game Factory is a narrative puzzle adventure that blends together escape rooms, board games, and interactive fiction. Solve riddles, crack codes, and unravel its secrets...


Prepare for a thrilling pirate adventure with DeckHand, a card game that sparks the creativity of deck-building using a compact deck of 90 cards.

Mayan Curse

Make puzzle-y paths to reach the temple and then escape before the walls close in.

The 13th Street Crew

You may be on the bottom rung of the Old Don's criminal empire, but the city is full of opportunities in this semi-cooperative game of criminal strategy and social deduction!

Inn Keeper

Fantasy setting game with secret bidding and backstabbing elements as you try to attract customers. Plays 2-4 players over 4 rounds. Player with the most money wins! Great diversity representation.

Hexes of Sygon

Maneuver your wizards, conjure buildings, and cast spells to create the most prosperous civilization on Sygon.

Way of Thinking

Way Of Thinking is a fun, cooperative, party word game that is focused on table talk and logical thinking. In the game players use random word cards to create logical sequences for others to guess.

Colonial 1700-1800

Colonial 1700-1800 is a strategic card game for 2 to 5 players that recreates the struggle between the European powers to preserve their colonial empires in the 18th century.

Syncanite Foundation

In Syncanite Foundation players take on the roles of puppet masters who push the envelope on the economic, political, and military levels to seize world domination. Area Control, Bidding, Deduction

Knee Deep in Hexes

Knee deep in Hexes is a 1v1 skirmisher-strategy boardgame. You fight on a distant desert planet for scarce resources, build refineries, factories and units - from fast construction vehicles to frighte

Galactic Cruise

Galactic Cruise is a 1-4 player, medium-heavy worker placement where players build and launch shuttles to send guests on luxurious space vacations. Kickstarter launch is estimated for Q1 of 2024.

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Crowdfunding Roundup

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