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Welcome to Meeple Mountain's Crowdfunding Roundup. Below you'll find the best board game crowdfunding campaigns on the internet, by some of the best board game publishers around. The campaigns listed below are displayed in order of end date, the closer to the top, the more important is is for you to check them out.

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RETURN TO THE 7th CITADEL. Explore, build, YOU are the hero! campaign thumbnail

RETURN TO THE 7th CITADEL. Explore, build, YOU are the hero!

Get ready for new adventures in the Collapsing Lands! 1000+ minutes of exploration and adventure for 1 to 4 slave-gardeners.

Escape The Rat Race campaign thumbnail

Escape The Rat Race

Conquer the world of work and race to retire in this fast and furious set building card game for 2-5 hustlers!

You Know It! campaign thumbnail

You Know It!

The trivia game where it's not what you know... it's who knows what!

Puppets in High Places campaign thumbnail

Puppets in High Places

A cutthroat game for 1-2 mob bosses set in a noir Prohibition era.

Neverrift TCG campaign thumbnail

Neverrift TCG

In the Neverrift TCG two players face off against one another representing their factions on changing grids. Build your custom deck, tame your opponent's creatures and dominate the grid.

FURYLANDS - Ashes of Avalon Board Game campaign thumbnail

FURYLANDS - Ashes of Avalon Board Game

A Fantasy Co-Op Board Game of Endless Customization, 40+ hours of Content & Epic Quests

⛏ Terraria: The Board Game campaign thumbnail

⛏ Terraria: The Board Game

Dig, fight, explore and build in this co-operative tabletop adventure for 1-4 intrepid Terrarians!

PROPUH campaign thumbnail


Every Slavic grandmother's nightmare! A single-player survival board game where you face one of the most "terrible" Slavic superstitions! For 1 and 2 players!

Artefacts campaign thumbnail


ARTEFACTS combines resource management, worker placement and tactical confrontations, for 2 to 4 players (plus solo mode), with the theme of Steampunk aristocracy from the late 19th century.

Dark Blood campaign thumbnail

Dark Blood

Dark Blood plunges players into the abyss of darkness, where they embody powerful asymmetrical cults striving for dominance over a hapless village.

Nuclear Destruction - a Nuclear War Card Game campaign thumbnail

Nuclear Destruction - a Nuclear War Card Game

The 4th entry into the Nuclear War family - 20+ years in the making!

Bunny Boom campaign thumbnail

Bunny Boom

Bunnies are everywhere! It's an invasion, and nothing seems to be able to stop the proliferation of these adorable little beasts! In Bunny Boom, you try to pass the bunny problem.

VOID: The Frontier campaign thumbnail

VOID: The Frontier

Experience the visually striking competitive card game for 2-6 players featuring the darkly unique paintings & drawings of Tyler Vance.

A Collection of Fantasy Maps II campaign thumbnail

A Collection of Fantasy Maps II

A 200+ page artbook for fans of TTRPGs and cartography. The book contains over 100 maps in 6 different regions, featuring dozens of dungeons and locations, creatures and treasures.

🧁 Apothebakery - The Culinary Alchemists campaign thumbnail

🧁 Apothebakery - The Culinary Alchemists

Forage resources, brew elixirs and bake cakes of salvation to heal adventurers on the brink of doom in this game for 1 – 4 players.

Cysmic campaign thumbnail


Cysmic is a dynamic tactical sci-fi board game for up to 6 players (with expansion) set on the crumbling surface of a distant planet. Assume the role of a faction leader destined to become Commander.

Micro Moonshine campaign thumbnail

Micro Moonshine

Build an empire of forbidden spirits navigating the dangerous world of illegal liquor production and distribution in the United States.

Tales of Realms and Ruins campaign thumbnail

Tales of Realms and Ruins

Tales of Realms and Ruins is a competitive midweight board game for 2-4 players. Use mechanics such as deck building, area control, asymmetric hero progression and semi-cooperative decision-making.

Deckay: The ultimate card game for apocalypse enthusiasts! campaign thumbnail

Deckay: The ultimate card game for apocalypse enthusiasts!

Discover Deckay, the amazing post-apocalyptic card game that will revolutionize your gaming sessions!🔥 Imagine immersing yourself in a devastated world where survival depends on your wit and cunning.

Paw of Duty campaign thumbnail

Paw of Duty

Paw of Duty is a two player non-collectible card game of tactical kitty warfare, where each player commands a kitty squad to regain control of a war-torn city.

Order of the Day: Normandy campaign thumbnail

Order of the Day: Normandy

Order of the Day is a 2-player, introductory-level game of the 1944 D-Day invasion. The game was meant to be played and enjoyed by non-wargamers who are interested in history.

Branch Riders campaign thumbnail

Branch Riders

Eight realms... one mission! Adventure in the eight Branches and protect the citizens from the Blight! A new easy to learn RPG from The Bodhana Group and Onyx Path Publishing.

Piri Piri Summoners: A Shifty Handcrafted Wooden Strategy Game campaign thumbnail

Piri Piri Summoners: A Shifty Handcrafted Wooden Strategy Game

Summon spirits with your handcrafted wooden meeples. Strategize, and outwit rivals to dominate the mystical Piri Piri world.

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