Games Where You Play as Vikings!

The Vikings were expert sailors, traders, and warriors. That makes for some great board games.

Vikings. Those seafaring people from Scandinavia from the late 8th to 11th centuries who traded, raided, and pirated their way throughout modern day Europe and as far as Africa and North America. Central to their way of life was the belief that in order to enter into Valhalla, they must die gloriously in battle.

These are not just games about Vikings, or games the Vikings might have played. These are games where you play as Vikings.

Vikings Gone Wild


A resource management, deck-building game where you win by attacking your opponents. The hidden defensive abilities, however, make for some risky battles.

Blood Rage


A little game about the end of the world, where Vikings fight to earn their place in Valhalla. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Explorers of the North Sea


You’re a Viking sea captain out to explore new islands, gather livestock, create settlements, and try to destroy your enemies.

Clash of Vikings


A hand management bluffing game where players are Vikings returning from a long voyage and now have to divide their treasure.



Using dice and cards, expand your stronghold, pillage, battle, trade your way to becoming the most powerful.

In the Name of Odin


A hand management, set collection game about becoming the next Jarl—with load of miniatures.

Vikingar: The Conquest of Worlds


Plunder, battle, and trade your way to fame and glory as you prepare to enter Valhalla.

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You can find my middle grade book, The Pterrible Pteranodon, at your favorite online bookstore.

And despite being a DM, I have an inherent dislike of six-sided dice.

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