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Word games deal, unsurprisingly, with words, using the players’ language abilities as the basis for play. This can come in many forms, but the two most common types involve either word formation (using randomized sets of letters to form words) or word guessing (using a restricted vocabulary to determine a hidden word). Bananagrams and Letter Tycoon are modern updates to the classic word formation game, Scrabble. Similarly, Codenames offers a new twist to the word guessing formula once popularized by Taboo.

Broad Lines Game Review

Broad Lines, from Cranio Creations, is Just One for the more artistically inclined. Learn more in this Meeple Mountain review.

Give Us Victories Game Review

Can the Army of the Potomac successfully execute General Hooker’s bold plan to outflank the Confederates, or will they themselves get flanked? Find...

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