Author - Kathleen Hartin

When I was a kid, our household had a combination of classic American games, and beautiful wonderful German family games. My favourite childhood game wasn’t Monopoly or Sorry, it was 1986 Spiel des Jahres Winner, Heimlich & Co.! This game was designed by Wolfgang Kramer and was notably the first to use a victory point track. All of this to say, I was somehow raised to be a euro gamer, even though my parents weren’t even that in to board games.

My love of games was rekindled in 2011 when I was introduced to Settlers of Catan at a family member’s cottage. After that,I started building my own collection. The real tipping point was when I discovered my local board game cafe, where I spent countless nights discovering the world of board games. Now board games are just a part of my life, and I couldn’t be happier. Some of my favourite games include Terra Mystica and Grand Austria Hotel.

I’ve decided to implement something a little unique for my reviews. For each review I’ll give a 6 month update after it was published to answer if I’ve played the game since, and why or why not. So make sure to check back in on my reviews if you’re curious!

When I’m not playing board games I work to protect the environment from chemicals by day and creating vegan recipes by night. If you’re at all curious about my recipes, you can check out my blog The Salami Flashback.

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