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Kurt Refling is an Associate Editor with Meeple Mountain. In addition to his own writing, Kurt works to review and edit most articles which go on to be published. Kurt originally joined the Meeple Mountain team as a Guest Author in December 2017. Some of his favourite articles include:

Kurt has been active in the tabletop industry since 2014 when he started working at a board game café in Ottawa, ON. He would go on to become the café's lead game teacher and library curator, a position he held until its closure in 2016. In the years since, Kurt has spent time as a playtester, rulebook editor, and game designer. Kurt's favourite games tend to be simple abstract strategy, elaborate Euro puzzlers, and narrative RPGs.

When he's not doing tabletop stuff, Kurt makes a living as an analyst. He loves a lot of things: poetry, cooking, dancing, indie games, and his wonderful partner.

Kurt can also be found on Twitter.

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