Author - Kurt Refling

Kurt Refling has worked as a guest author for Meeple Mountain since December 2017. He has also decided, right now, in this very sentence, that he is the sort of fellow who writes biographies in the first person.

So, yeah, hey. I don’t have a cool superhero backstory, but here’s the deal:

I spent three glorious years working at a small board game café in Ottawa, Canada. Monopolatte– the name of the café, both incredibly original and easy to pronounce– was the place where my inklings of modern board games went from mild curiosity to full-blown obsession. I met a lot of wonderful people, and slowly rose in the ranks from kitchen grunt, to board game teacher, to the curator of our library. Those days are gone now, but my fierce love for board games and the people who play them hasn’t gone anywhere.

These days, my main activity in the board game biz is writing and editing at Meeple Mountain, though I also help with the odd rulebook from time to time. Here, I aim to write pieces that are fun to read but also make you think. Not too much. Save that for the game.

My taste in games tends towards euro, but I have a passion behind-the-scenes for narrative RPGs. General rule of thumb: I think almost any game has a place to shine. It just needs the right audience. When I review a game, I like to pick these little works of art apart to see their mechanics, their history, and what they say about where board games are today.

If you’ve read this far, why not read even more? (Haha! My trap!) Check out a few of my works below. My favourite is probably A Euro Gamer Meets A Genie, but I don’t know what you like. Who even are you? I don’t get to read your  bio. Is there kind of a power imbalance here? God, I’m so vulnerable. The other writers could be reading this right now and thinking about how weird I’m making us all look.

Ah, well. At least it’s honest.

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