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Here at Meeple Mountain we know that the tabletop hobby is about so much more than just games – it’s about the individuals, the wider tabletop community, and the things we do when we’re not actually playing games. In recognition of this, we’ve created “Gaming Life”, a series of articles and guides about the hobby.

In our Community section our writers discuss their experiences of the hobby, from making friends and attending conventions to investigating how people play games together.

Our How To articles are packed full of useful tips and tricks for navigating the world of tabletop gaming. From protecting your game collection to creating great looking miniatures, our writers share their expertise from all areas of the hobby.

Want to know where to grab a coffee and play a board game or what events are happening nearby? Check out our Resources page for our worldwide guides to cafes, conventions and so much more!

The Personal Stories section is just that – tales of love, loss and everything in between. Our writers share the stories that illustrate just what the tabletop hobby means to them and how it has, quite literally, changed their lives.

What better way is there to get you to enjoy the hobby we love so much than to give you free games! Check out our Giveaways page for competitions to win free board games.

Representation in Board Games Matters

There are many areas of life where women aren’t treated equally to men, and sadly this extends into the world of board games. Read Representation in Board Games Matters to learn about the little ways women are excluded from the...

Suburbia: Collected Thoughts

Suburbia was released way back in 2012, a diamond in some fairly beige rough. How come it’s still so good? What is its legacy and impact? Where can it go next? These are collected thoughts on Suburbia, its three main...