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At Meeple Mountain, we love board games and tabletop games of all kinds. Since our founding in 2015 we have published over 500 board game reviews. We have a team of talented writers and experienced gamers with interests across all types of board games and tabletop games. From abstract games to tabletop RPGs, family games to war games, we have a team member here who understands and is passionate about the niche your game falls into. Each incoming review request is matched with a team member who is interested in that style of game, which means your game isn’t just handed off to the next person in line.

A Meeple Mountain review will generally include an overview of the game, explanation of the rules, and the author’s own thoughts on the game. Pictures or video of the game that you sent us are always included in the review, and in the case of prototypes it is disclosed in the review that the components are not final.

Written Reviews

Our writing team includes multiple talented authors with years of experience writing for the web. We love writing reviews because it really allows for a reviewer to get into the nitty-gritty of a game. This can include details such as replayability, optimal player counts, accessibility, artwork, component quality, and comparisons to other similar games. All of our written reviews go through a thorough collaborative editing process to make sure important details aren’t missed or left out and that they meet Our Values and Standards.

Video Reviews

In the last year, Meeple Mountain started focussing on video reviews as well. A video review can showcase a game’s packaging, art, and unique features in ways that a written review can’t. Our team of video reviewers is smaller than our writing team, so it may be harder to find the perfect match for your game.

What We Expect from You

  1. Your game has a dedicated website, standalone page on your website, or a BoardGameGeek page.
    1. Our board game media kit article has recommendations for what to include on this page.
  2. You contact us 6-10 weeks before you want a review published. Rush requests will still be considered, however, we can’t guarantee publication by a certain date.
  3. A complete copy of the game to keep. In the case of prototype or Kickstarter games a completed production copy is expected. We will not review early stage prototypes.
  4. Broadcast our review on the social media platforms of your choice and link to our review from your website or Kickstarter page.
  5. Respect our time. We spend many hours learning and playing your game, reviewing it, and discussing it online.

What You Can Expect from Us

Here are the things you can expect from our team.

  1. We will play your game multiple times, ideally with different player counts.
  2. We will be honest about our feelings of your game. If we feel there are negative aspects to your game we will point them out tactfully and considerately.
  3. We will share our review of your game on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


If you’re a member of the board game industry and you’d like to share a story or some expertise we may be interested in interviewing you. We love to sit down with designers, artists, publishers, and other members of the board game industry to discuss their creative process, lessons learned, and upcoming projects. For interviews, only number 4 and 5 from the section “What We Expect From You” apply.

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