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We are published authors, with over 12 years worth of writing articles under our belts. We love board gaming of all sorts, and started writing board game reviews in 2015. We play and review Family Games, Casual Games, Modern Games, and games of all genres, with an eye for games of all weights. We’re as equally at home playing games like No Thanks and Battle Sheep as we are with games like Yspahan, The Great Zimbabwe, or Terraforming Mars.

What we expect from you.

  • Your game has a BoardGameGeek page.
  • You contact us 6-8 weeks before you need a review published. Contacting us the week before your Kickstarter launches means that we likely won’t be able to complete a review in time.
  • A complete copy of the game to keep. In the case of prototype or Kickstarter games a completed production copy is expected. We will not review early stage prototypes.
  • Broadcast our review on the social media platforms of your choice and link to our review from your website or Kickstarter page.
  • Respect our time. We spend hours upon hours learning and playing your game, reviewing it, and discussing it online.

What can you can expect from us?

Here are the things you can expect from our writing team.

  • We will play your game multiple times, ideally with different player counts.
  • We will be honest about our feelings of your game. If we feel there are negative aspects to your game we will point them out tactfully and considerately.
  • We will market your game, and our review of it, on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Please email for more information. Thanks for your time and we look forward to helping to make your game a success!