Games with Dogs

Dogs have been around for almost as long as humans have. In fact, being owned by a dog is possibly part of what makes us the most human. Well, that and playing games—especially games about dogs.

Happiness may be a warm puppy, but how is man’s best friend at the gaming table? Depending on the game, as in life, they might be competitive, confounding, or companionable.

Here are some canine-themed games to scratch that gaming itch behind your doggo’s ears.

Good Dog, Bad Zombie


Who’s the good boy? These dogs who are trying to save their humans from the zombie apocalypse, that’s who!



Turn your kennel into the biggest, bestest shelter in the city.

A Dog's Life


Help your dogs enjoy the challenges of a day out on the town.

Walk the Dogs


A set collection game with 63 miniature dogs (in seven breeds!) to play with.

Top Dogs


Choose your best dog cards to create a winning dogsled team.

Who Let the Dogs Out


Round up your escaped dogs who got out and bring them back home.



Play cards that both supply resources and select actions around a circular rondel to balance your training with the cards your opponent has just played.

Here Comes the Dog


You’re in pre-historic times, hoping to domesticate dogs by building fire and cooking meat. Keep the fire burning, or become the dog’s meal yourself!

Kill Doctor Lucky…and His Little Dog, Too!

An expansion for Cheapass Games’ Kill Doctor Lucky that includes the doctor’s Scottish Terrier.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


After the farmer leaves, the foxes are on the hunt. The only thing that stands between them and those tasty chickens is Toby the Guard Dog.

About the author

Tom Franklin

By day, I'm a mild-mannered IT Manager with a slight attitude. By night I play guitar & celtic bouzouki, board games, and watch British TV. I love abstracts, co-ops, worker placement and tile-laying games. Basically, any deep game with lots of interesting choices. 

You can find my middle grade book, The Pterrible Pteranodon, at your favorite online bookstore.

And despite being a DM, I have an inherent dislike of six-sided dice.

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