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Across America Fluxx Game Review

A classic American Road Trip from Looney Labs.

Pack up the suitcases, load the kids in the car and drive off to some of the most American of all American sites in our review of Across America Fluxx.

Disclosure: Meeple Mountain received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This review is not intended to be an endorsement.

We’re On a Road To Nowhere

The Fluxx card games from Looney Labs can be a divisive game amongst my fellow members of our hobby. I have spoken to people who see the ability to change the rules and/or the winning conditions of the game on every turn as an obnoxious negative. They have told me, in heated terms, how much they hated the game the only time they played it and how they refuse to play it ever again.

Then there are the people who take great delight in the ever-changing rules. They lean into the uncertainty, seeing the volatility as something to be enjoyed, and look forward to the next iteration of Fluxx to see what Andy Looney has come up with next.

Across America Fluxx
Across America Fluxx

I happen to fall into the latter camp. Despite my love for abstract strategy games and crunchy Eurogames, Fluxx games are always welcome at my table. Any game that can make me laugh at the absurdity of the actions and the changes they bring is okay by me.

Come On Inside

Here’s a brief description of how to play. For a more complete run-down of the rules for Fluxx, check out my review of the original game

Setting up a game of Fluxx is simple:

  • Set the Basic Rules card within easy reach of all players
  • Shuffle all the cards well
  • Deal three to each player
  • Set the rest of the deck to the side, again within easy reach of all players. This becomes the draw deck. 

A randomly chosen first player plays a card. In Across America Fluxx, there are four types of cards:

  • New Rules: A new Rule that is placed on the table and takes place immediately
  • Goals: These set the winning condition(s) for the game
  • Keepers: Cards that, once laid down in front of the player, will hopefully match the Goal of the game
  • Actions: One-time events that are carried out, then placed in the discard pile

Players continue taking turns, changing the number of cards played and drawn, and adding or discarding Rules and/or Keepers until someone has the Keepers in front of them that match the current Goal. That player wins the game.

Takin’ That Ride to Nowhere

The first two things I want to know about a new version of Fluxx is, “What is the artwork like?” and “What do the different Actions and Goals do?”

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Keeper art for Across America Fluxx
Keeper art for Across America Fluxx

Katie Melrose’s poster-like artwork is a standout in the game. Regardless as to which state or place your Keeper card represents, there’s a cohesive feel across the game.

Road trip-related Actions
Road trip-related Actions

Remember, part of the theme here is that you’re driving across America, taking in the beauty and special places that make America unique. It’s fitting, then, that the Action cards feature many travel-related actions and changes. As an example, the Luggage Mishap card allows you to choose another player who must place their hand of cards (their ‘luggage’) face down on the table—under a paperweight, if possible. Their next turn is played without any of those ‘lost’ cards.

New Rules for the travelers
New Rules for the travelers

And finally, New Rules! The road and travel theme continues with the New Rule cards. For instance, the Armchair Traveler allows you to draw an extra card if you’ve been to one of your Keeper locations. Road music gets you another card if you sing about a destination. If your song relates to one of your Keepers, you can draw a second card.

We’ll Take That Ride

Having already mentioned that I’m a fan of Fluxx games, it’s no surprise that I enjoyed Across America Fluxx. Melrose’s artwork and the way Andy Looney keeps the road trip theme running through the cards work very well together. 

One of my favorite moments in a new game of Fluxx is when the people around the table encounter a new card for the first time. After reading it, they get a sly smile on their face and may even chuckle to themselves in anticipation of adding the card to the current game conditions. 

If you’re heading off for a vacation this summer, pick up a copy of Across America Fluxx and play it with the family. The game is easy to teach and play and with all the different sites across the US, the kiddos might even learn something while they think they’re just playing a game. 

Oh, and in case you’re considering a road trip across America, you might consider following the route the Looneys have mapped out with each of the 21 locations in the game.

Across America Fluxx road trip.(Used with permission)
Across America Fluxx road trip. (Used with permission)
  • Good - Enjoy playing.

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