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Board games are currently the most lucrative segment on Kickstarter, accounting for 41,000 projects and over $914 M in revenue. Both individuals and companies use the crowd-funding platform in their quest for fortune and glory. Meeple Mountain regularly covers Kickstarter game to help you decide if you should back them. Our reviews are also useful for gamers who missed out the first time around and are looking to pick up a copy after these games hit the market.

If you’re a designer or publisher looking to run a campaign for your game, check out our article on What Makes a Great Kickstarter Campaign to help your game stand out from the crowd.

Dead Reckoning Unboxing Video

Boardgame Brody has the need to explore and fight for what's his: cargo and coins! See what else he might be fighting for in his unboxing video of Dead Reckoning by AEG, coming to Kickstarter July 7th.