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We love tabletop games, and we’re not afraid to say it. It’s a passion that we’re keen to share, and that means we’re constantly putting out world-class content that goes beyond reviews (although we’re great at that too!).

Our articles include opinion pieces on industry issues, designer diaries, stories, and discussions about the relevance of classics like Monopoly or Battlestar Galactica. Not to mention an essay on why we game and an exploration of why dice are dice shaped. Honestly, we’ve got articles covering all sorts; check them out below!

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Representation in Board Games Matters

There are many areas of life where women aren’t treated equally to men, and sadly this extends into the world of board games. Read Representation in Board Games Matters to learn about the little ways women are excluded from the...

Games We Love: Catan

How did Catan become a game that has sold over 22 million copies and played all over the world? It's all about sheep, ore, wheat, and wood. Read on to find out why we love Catan.