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Why are dice, dice shaped?

We all know what dice look like, but do you know why they look that way? Watch our new series Playology to find out why dice are shaped like….dice!

In this new series Playology, I’ll be diving into gaming topics from a historical, cultural, and sometimes even mathematical perspective. This first episode is all about dice, and how we got to the standard polyhedral dice we know and love today. When you’re done watching, you can make your own giant paper dice like the ones in the video using the image templates here. If you make any, be sure to share the results with us here or on social media, and if you have topics you’d like to see covered in other Playology videos, let us know!


Writing, Editing, and Narration by Alex Colby
Filming, Editing, Visual and Sound Effects by Julian Crisostomo


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Alex Colby

Alex Colby is a board game designer, video game developer, game show producer, writer, video maker, retired DDR maniac, and occasionally plays the accordion very poorly. More often than not however he just lays in bed scrolling through online feeds and getting angry. He loves board games, especially as a way to avoid having to talk at social gatherings.

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