Games Featuring Polyominoes

Polyominoes, those shapes made from adjoining squares, have become a part of many games in recent years. Here's a list of some that have caught the attention of our writing staff.

Polyominoes, those geometric shapes made up of adjoining squares laid edge to edge, have become a popular gaming mechanic in recent years. The shapes add a puzzle-y element to an otherwise linear game. With shapes that don’t often easily fit together, your game play needs to take into account the optimal shapes to acquire and which to avoid. For more information about just what makes a polyomino game so special, check out our polyomino board game stepladder.

With over 200 board games featuring polyominoes, what makes these games worthy of inclusion in this list? Each one has been reviewed right here on Meeple Mountain!



There are actually three games included in Kadon Games’ Quintillions, each using polyominoes as the playing pieces. (Bonus: there are also hundreds of great puzzles.)

Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale


A Roll & Write game where players flip the top card of the deck and draw in the matching polyomino shape onto their personal map



You’re a prehistoric tribesman hunting prey, prey represented by polyomino shapes. The bigger the prey, the more points—but they all need to fit on a 7×7 grid.

Project L


Players build an empire of polyomino pieces in order to complete a series of mini puzzles in the fewest pieces—and the fewest actions—possible.

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