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I'm a digital marketer by day, working to deploy digital strategies for everything from educational courses to tourism campaigns. When I'm not at work, my husband and I like to kick back by consuming all manner of nerd material. Currently, we've finally caught the miniatures bug and have dived head-first into Marvel: Crisis Protocol, and I've been completely distracted getting destroyed by 12-year-olds in League of Legends. I am in love with the TV show Survivor to an unhealthy degree and have in fact hosted several real-life games of it for my friends in various cabins and AirBnBs. While my husband and I have no kids, we have several animals crammed into a house with us, so it's like having kids... except they can't play games with us.

Chicken! Game Review

Eggs hatch and dice roll in this light party game from Keymaster Games. Does Chicken! have what it takes to rule the roost?

Emerge Game Review

Scientists have discovered a world of uncharted islands and flourishing ecosystems. Does Emerge evolve the art of rolling dice? Take a look at our...

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