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AvatarI'm one of those post-ironic millennials that the baby boomers warned you about!


I'm a digital marketer by day, working to deploy digital campaigns to make sure people know about how cool Durham, NC is. (Seriously, this place rules.) When I'm not at work, my husband and I like to kick back by consuming all manner of nerd material. Currently, we're blazing a trail through the city streets of Gloomhaven, and I've been completely distracted leveling my Miqo'te Dancer (when I'm not losing horribly at Teamfight Tactics). My passion project is currently my podcast, Drunk Dice, which I co-host with one of my best friends, where I've gotten a chance to interview some game creators and designers that truly inspire me. While my husband and I have no kids, we have four animals (two cats, two dogs) crammed into a house with us, so it's like having kids... except they can't play games with us.

Top 6 Games About Voting

Our Top 6 games about voting will help you practice your democracy and political freedom. Get out and vote, and cast your ballot for fun.

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