Board Games Featuring Time

Some people might think that board games are a waste of time, but we know differently – board games are an incredible way to spend time!

The passing of time is present in many board games, just think how you can send your family out for the day collecting wood in Caverna and Stone Age, or the use of seasons in Cartographers and, well, Seasons.

Some games, however, have time woven through their theme or mechanics, using the ticking seconds (literally or figuratively) as a way of keeping the players on their toes. These are games that play with time in interesting ways.

T.I.M.E Stories

Protect the world from paradoxes with your team of time-travelling agents.
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Oh the agony of time - watch generations of your family age and die whilst trying to make their lives worth remembering.
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Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

Lead your people to victory but make sure to time your actions appropriately to take advantage of the (literal) gears of time.
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That Time You Killed Me

Try to erase your sworn enemy in the past, present and future in this abstract narrative game of time and murder.
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Battling the Old Ones in alternate reality Australia takes time, as does establishing a rail network across the outback and mining those valuable resources.
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Become an archaeologist to study humanity’s past, but who can be the best excavator over the years?
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Buy and mix paints to restore a Renaissance fresco and earn the Bishop's favor, but make sure you balance getting up early to grab the best paints against keeping your apprentices happy and rested.
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Think you can place history events, inventions and discoveries in the correct date order? Great, you’ll do well at Timeline!
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Back to the Future: Back in Time

Make sure everything happens as it should in this lovingly recreated homage to the best time travel movie ever made.
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Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time

Stop the time travelling maniac from securing historic treasures before the clock runs out!
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A real-time game named after part of a clock mechanism where every move you make takes actual time to perform.
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Manage your ever-ageing fish populations or else watch them go extinct!
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Fight for better rights for your factory workers, organising strikes to reduce their working hours (down from 70 hours per week!), gain holiday time, and close the gender gap.
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Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

Defend the kingdom from the furious onslaught of the mysterious Time Mage, using teamwork and polyominoes!
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Collect and plant an assortment of flavourful herbs in your garden to score points. The herbs include, you’ve guessed it, thyme!
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