Popular Reviewer Wins Inaugural Spiel des Jahres Reviewer Prize

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Spiel des Jahres Reviewer Prize comes news that popular reviewer Howie Jones, 36, is to be the first recipient of the SdJRP. Jones is widely lauded for his unscripted videos, overly exaggerated facial expressions and prolific output, producing over 400 video reviews a year.

“The Jury felt that Howie Jones is just such an original voice in the tabletop landscape that we couldn’t not award him the inaugural SdJ Reviewer Prize,” said Vornamen Weber, Chairman of the Spiel des Jahres Jury, “Howie Jones is invaluable – invariably inventive and innovative in vetting, and in venting about, board games. We wanted to recognise the dedication, hard work and sheer talent used to create such penetratingly insightful, effusive and of-viewed reviews.’

Colleagues from across the industry have been quick to offer their congratulations to Jones.

“Oh man, me and Ben are so pleased to hear about Howie,” said Bill F. Pot, of the YouTube channel ‘Watch with Brother’. “Such insight and originality! And apparently all of it unscripted! You just can’t tell!”

“Howie’s reviews inspire me everyday, sometimes twice a day depending on his release schedule,” said Robert Winkle (a.k.a VanillaDice), in a video showing most of his face. “What a unique and innovative talent!”

Howie Jones himself is reportedly thrilled with the news. In a press announcement this morning he stated that he intends to use the prize money to quit his full time job and launch a second YouTube channel: ‘ASMR Rules’.

“The new channel is a huge shout out to my fans, they’re just so good!.” said Jones.

‘ASMR Rules’ is expected to launch within the month and will feature Jones whispering board game rule books from cover to cover. Is that a shiver of anticipation we just felt running down the spine of Perfect Information Press? I think so!

In honour of Howie Jones’ success, Perfect Information Press present his Top 6 most in-depth and insightful quotes:

“It’s good. So good. Even gooder, like, the goodest. Possibly the best. Possibly not. I don’t know. But it’s good.”

“Seriously, this is more better than its predecessor.”

“I can’t put into words just how good this is. It’s THAT good!”

“I love, love, love this game! It’s not too hard learning, makes you think your brain off and is just the right length, not too long and not too unlong. It’s just so gooood!”

“Any honeys out there, I’d love to show you just how good this is as a two player game!”

“This game is so good I’ve had to get my dictionary out to find words to describe it. The result? This game is great!”

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Andrew Holmes is a husband, father, scientist, poet and, of course, gamer who lives in Wales, works in England and owns a Scottish rugby shirt. He has never passed up a challenge to play Carcassonne.

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