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We’re proud of our Diamond Climber Awards here at Meeple Mountain, but even we recognise that there is one tabletop award body that justifiably dominates the hobby. Widely recognised as the Academy Awards of tabletop games, a Spiel des Jahres nomination can increase game sales anywhere between three and twenty times, with the winning game likely to sell up to half a million copies as a result.

Sure, we may have poked some fun at the Spiel des Jahres once or twice in the past but it’s come from a position of utmost respect for the awards themselves and the games they celebrate. Check out the articles and reviews below to see just why the Spiel des Jahres are held in such high esteem.

Games We Love: Catan

How did Catan become a game that has sold over 22 million copies and played all over the world? It's all about sheep, ore, wheat, and wood. Read on to find out why we love Catan.

The Splendorificness of Splendor!

Gemstone tokens and development cards work to create one of the easiest, most simple engine-building games that our reviewer has ever played. Read on to learn why Splendor is one of our favorite games.

New Spiel des Jahres Award Announced

The Spiel des Jahres, the board game industry’s most esteemed award body, has announced a new category for this year’s awards: The SdJ Reviewer Prize. The new annual prize is intended to recognise the hard work of individuals...