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Germany’s Spiel des Jahres award is the most prestigious board game award on the planet; the equivalent of winning an Oscar for Best Picture. It’s given to games which best exemplify the spirit of the award, ones which: introduce new concepts or combine existing elements into a new experience, have smooth and interesting gameplay, with well written rulebooks, and attractive and inviting artwork. Just being nominated can increase sales of a game by tens of thousands of copies, and winning…well, let’s just say the winners are in a class all their own. Read more about the Spiel des Jahres award.

The games in this list are ones which have been recommended, nominated, or won the Spiel des Jahres award. You don’t get any better than that!

Games We Love: Catan

How did Catan become a game that has sold over 22 million copies and played all over the world? It's all about sheep, ore, wheat, and wood. Read on to find out why we love Catan.

The Splendorificness of Splendor!

Gemstone tokens and development cards work to create one of the easiest, most simple engine-building games that our reviewer has ever played. Read on to learn why Splendor is one of our favorite games.

New Spiel des Jahres Award Announced

The Spiel des Jahres, the board game industry’s most esteemed award body, has announced a new category for this year’s awards: The SdJ Reviewer Prize. The new annual prize is intended to recognise the hard work of individuals...