New Spiel des Jahres Award Announced

The Spiel des Jahres, the board game industry’s most esteemed award body, has announced a new category for this year’s awards: The SdJ Reviewer Prize. The new annual prize is intended to recognise the hard work of individuals within the board game media.

“We felt it was important that the talent of the ‘talent spotters’ was spotted and so we reviewed reviewer reviews from the past 12 months to identify the very best,” said Vornamen Weber, Chairman of the Spiel des Jahres Jury, “After all, they put out output that puts out to the consumer the latest output being put out by the gaming industry.”

Unlike the three main prizes, however, the Reviewer Prize will not have nominations but instead will simply honour a single reviewer or review team each year.

“We’re excited about the potential of increasing the number of awards we give out,” continued Weber, “and we’ll be launching the SdJ Jury Prize next year, judging the best judge’s best judging from amongst the judges of the SdJ Jury.”

Commentators have been quick to point out that the SdJRP could be confused with the SdJRPG, the roleplaying game where players assume the role of the SdJ Jury and predict the year’s winners over a sumptuous dinner. The dinner itself is then paid for by one of the players who is roleplaying the role of a game production company’s PR manager.

Perfect Information Press note that further confusion is also possible with the SdJJRPG, a turn-based roleplaying melodrama similar to the SdJRPG but with food brought by conveyor belt.

“Personally, I hope these new awards will inspire the whole of the tabletop industry,” finished Weber, “and result in the creation of new SdJRPG modules, allowing players to experience the SdJRPRPG, the SdJRPJRPG, and even the SdJJPRPG and the SdJJPJRPG.”

News of the first recipient of the SdJ Reviewer Prize is expected to be announced shortly.

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