Bird Themed Board Games

Some might think that birding as a theme is new, but we've had bird-themed board games for decades. Here's a short list of some of the best.

Birds of a Feather
4 the Birds –
Go Cuckoo!



Wingspan is the phenomenon that took over the gaming world. A bird themed board game by first time designer Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan is an approachable engine builder with nearly 200 unique bird cards, each with their own gorgeous and lavishly illustrated artwork.

Birds of a Feather


Birds of a Feather is a delightful set collection card game for 2-7 people that plays in 15-20 minutes. You and your opponents are bird watchers trying to see more unique birds than anyone else.



Seikatsu is a 2-3 player tile laying game which features an attractive Japanese bird theme and amazing screenprinted bakelite tiles. Lay down tiles to score groups of birds as seen from your unique perspective facing the board.



Piepmatz is a light card game from the same team that brought you Fleet Dice and Three Sisters. In Piepmatz, you play bird cards from your hand to collect seed and bird cards at the bird feeder. At the end of the game you’ll score points for seeds, pairs of birds, and single birds (if you have the majority).



In Flock players attempt to have the best flock of birds by feeding, nest building, and hatching. Actions are simple, but one action can affect the entire flock. Can you time your actions so that you can pinpoint single birds without upsetting the whole nest?

4 the Birds


4 the Birds is a cardboard menagerie in which players attempt to flock 4 of their birds together, while at the same time try to block their opponents from doing the same. Watch out for non-player controlled hawks and crows that will try to wreak havoc with everyone’s plans.

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