Board Games with Cats

With roughly 373 million pet cats in the world, chances are you either have a cat in your life or know someone who does. In fact, globally, cats are more popular than their canine counterparts in 91 countries.

Given their popularity, it’s no surprise that there are so many games about cats and/or feature feline characters. There’s something for just about any gamer here!

Simon's Cat Card Game


The characters from Simon Tofield’s animated series Simon’s Cat can be dealt out on your table through the Simon’s Cat Card Game.

Exploding Kittens


Matt Inman’s (The Oatmeal) push-your-luck card game Exploding Kittens might be more for the dog lover in your life.

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Tom Franklin

By day, I'm a mild-mannered IT Manager with a slight attitude. By night I play guitar & celtic bouzouki, board games, and watch British TV. I love abstracts, co-ops, worker placement and tile-laying games. Basically, any deep game with lots of interesting choices. 

You can find my middle grade book, The Pterrible Pteranodon, at your favorite online bookstore.

And despite being a DM, I have an inherent dislike of six-sided dice.

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  • Has anyone out there tried SIAMESE MAH JONGG? The Mah Jongg tiles you can use have beautiful Siamese Cats on them; and all the pre-determined hands are in sections names for CATS. The newest and best game of Mah Jongg since it was introduced in the USA in the 1920’s.

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