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Mystery stories have been popular for generations. The challenge of going head-to-head with the detective (or author) is one many of us eagerly take on. Modern game designers have expanded the genre to include experiences where you and your friends must examine an array of evidence and catch the culprit. So, join us. Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery!

Most of us probably grew up playing Clue/Cluedo, so mystery games are likely familiar territory. The genre has matured over the years, with the gameplay and mysteries becoming more complex and the solutions requiring considerable brainpower to resolve.

Modern mystery games have come a long way, creating storylines that sometimes come complete in the box, and other times come with a downloadable app to provide you with additional information and cases to solve.

Mystery games are a great way to either work together to crack a case or to see who amongst you can piece together all the clues before everyone else.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases


Any mystery lover has wanted to take on a mystery and prove themselves equal to the deductive reasoning skills of the World’s Greatest Detective. This latest installment of the popular Consulting Detective series allows you to do just that.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game


Using a variety of resources, solve the five cases included in the game and then determine what connects them all.

Unsolved Cold Case Files Game - Edward Munst Unsolved Murder Mystery


Although it is a very interesting solving game that needs both active thinking and problem-solving skills. One or more players are needed to solve the murder of Edward Munst in this exciting yet thrilling unsolved case files game.

Batman: Everybody Lies


Jim Gordon needs your unofficial assistance to solve four cases. You’ll travel around Gotham City and interview some familiar criminals in this online app and card-driven game.

Chronicles of Crime


Solve mysteries by combining a game board and characters with an app to catch a killer as quickly as possible. Everything of importance within the game has a unique QR code to provide you with different information based on the scenario being played.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong


From four to twelve players take on the role of detectives looking to solve a murder. The Forensic Scientist holds the answer and provides clues using cards to point them to the killer, a killer who sits amongst them.

Betrayal at Mystery Mansion


Zoinks, Scoob! Shaggy and the gang take on a Mystery Machine-themed version of the classic Betrayal at House on the Hill, complete with strange rooms, eerie haunts, and Scooby Snacks.

Rear Window


Identify the four people and their specific traits based on cards given to you by The Director. Of course, since this game is based on the classic Hitchcock thriller, there could have been a murder in one of those apartments. Or maybe not…

Awkward Guests


A deductive reasoning game that utilizes 70 of 243 evidence cards per game. Request evidence concerning one of the suspects or the rooms in question, then make your best guess when you think you’ve discovered the killer!

Mystery of the Abbey


The next step up from Clue/Cluedo, ask questions to try to determine which of the brethren killed your fellow monk.

Cold Case: A Pinch of Murder


Revisit the evidence collected from a 1983 murder scene to determine who killed a hometown baker and stole the church’s donation box.

Whitehall Mystery


One player is Jack the Ripper, trying to secretly make his way across four sections of London, leaving behind a victim in each area. All other players are the police, hot on his trail. A great, tense game of social deduction.

Dinosaur Tea Party


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to visit Dinton Abbey for a tea party? Find out in this deduction game as players in the role of dinosaurs spend the tea party deciphering the identity of their fellow guests.)

On Circus Grounds


Examine the clues gathered from an 1883 murder. Review the witness statements, clippings, photographs, and coded messages to determine if an innocent man was hanged. A well-presented, immersive experience

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