Board Game Raffle for Food Security

Put food on someone else's table for a chance to win some new games for yours by participating in our Board Game Raffle for Food Security.

As we enter the coldest months, many food banks find their shelves running low. With the additional financial burden of COVID-19 this year, the need for donations is even greater. Meeple Mountain is holding a board game raffle to help support the essential services that food banks provide. Two winners from the continental USA, Canada or the UK will receive a board game prize package currently valued over $150 USD each, provided in partnership with Alderac Entertainment Group, Bezier Games,, Elf Creek Games, Gamewright Games, Lucky Duck Games, and Steeped Games.

To enter, email your receipt of a donation to Feeding America, Food Banks Canada, or The Trussell Trust – Stop UK Hunger of at least $10 USD.

Every $10 you donate gives you another chance to win!

Donations Made


The Fine Print

This raffle is open to anyone residing in the continental US, Canada, or the UK. Each participant will be given a number of entries equal to the value of the donation they made (1 entry for $10, 10 entries for $100, etc.). Note if you are participating from Canada or the UK: 10 USD is currently approximately 12.75 CAD or 7.25 GBP. We will be collecting entries until we reach our donation goal of $2,000 USD. Once we reach our goal, the winners will be announced through our social media platforms and contacted directly to obtain shipping details.

To submit an entry, send an email to that includes a screenshot of your donation to one of the following organizations:

You may choose to blur out any personal information on the receipt, so long as your name, the date, amount donated, and organization are clearly shown.

Additionally, anyone who has made a donation can receive one free entry by sharing our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts about the raffle. Simply include a screenshot of the post you shared in your email submission for one additional entry.

About the Games

Our board game prize pack includes games with food themes. Each prize pack contains a mix of light and heavier games and are approximately equal in value.

Prize Pack 1

Prize Pack 2

In a way, sharing a meal is similar to playing a game. Both happen around a table with family and friends and give us time to connect. Help us put food on someone’s table, and maybe we’ll put some new games on yours.

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