Escape Room: The Game Expansion Packs Game Review

Welcome To Funland and Murder Mystery

Want more thrilling escape room challenges? Look no further than the Escape Room: The Game Expansion Packs (and our review of them).

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Escape Room: The Game is a cooperative escape room experience for three to five players which can be purchased at many big-box stores. Once you have played through the adventures in the Escape Room: The Game base box, you can further challenge yourself with one of these expansion packs: Welcome To Funland and Murder Mystery.

Murder Mystery and Welcome To Funland expansion packs.

This article only reviews the expansion packs and won’t go into detail on how to play Escape Room: The Game. If you’re unfamiliar with this escape room game, read our review of the base game to learn how to play and get the most out of your Escape Room experience.

For each expansion, the base game (Escape Room: The Game) is required because you need the Chrono Decoder, the Keys, and the Hint Decoder. There are also two other components which are needed from the base game, but unfortunately these are only found in the first version of Escape Room: The Game—the one in which there are four scenarios: Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztec. However, the items are common enough that if you have the newer version, Escape Room: The Game (Escape Rooms II), then you can still play like I did.

The warning found in each expansion pack.

Welcome To Funland

This scenario is surprisingly terrifying; you are at an amusement park when you and your friends are captured by a deranged clown and trapped in his dressing room. He threatens to take your lives after he performs his 60-minute show. Welcome To Funland also alludes to this not being the first time this clown has taken a life—a little girl disappeared years ago, presumably at the hands of this clown.

With the exception of Escape Tales: The Awakening, this scenario is the creepiest escape room board game I have played. As the story progresses, it gets more messed up. That said, the puzzles in Welcome To Funland are just the right amount of challenging and, if it weren’t for the theme, it would be one I would suggest as an introduction to Escape Room: The Game. However, I did find the use of a word in the final puzzle a little misleading, but the cheeky solution made up for this momentary annoyance.

<b>Spoiler Alert:</b> Click here if you would like to see a picture of this solution, which ended up being my favourite part of Welcome To Funland.
To find this solution, you could figure out the puzzles on this map or simply look at the signpost.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery begins with the murder of a wealthy and powerful man, the heir to the largest steel company in Great Britain. You are tasked with solving the murder: who among the long list of suspects killed the man, why, and with what.

This was a very difficult scenario even though it only has a 3 out of 5 star difficulty. I’m not sure if it was because Murder Mystery itself is tricky or because I waited too long in between my plays of the Escape Room: The Game base game and this expansion, but it was a struggle. Not every puzzle was difficult, but the main puzzles for each part were hard. Nonetheless, it was a welcome challenge and not one that was so frustrating that it ruined our gameplay experience.

<b>Spoiler Alert:</b> Click here if you would like to see my favourite puzzle in Murder Mystery.
In this puzzle you are also given a handwriting sample from the murderer.

Closing Thoughts

If you had fun with the Escape Room: The Game base game and are looking for more challenging escape room scenarios, the Welcome To Funland and Murder Mystery expansion packs are both excellent choices, just bear in mind that each are designed for an older audience.

Thematic Music for Playing Escape Room: The Game Expansion Packs

Welcome To Funland

Rollercoaster (Original Film Score) by Lalo Schifrin

Songs to check out include: Prologue/Montage, Reflections in the Window, Calliope of Death, and Magic Carousel (End Title).

Murder Mystery

Clue: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Score) by John Morris

Songs to check out include: Main Title/Trees To Dogs, Miss Scarlet/Car In Progress, Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell/Cop Panics and Ending C: Top To You Were/Peacock At Door.

Escape Room: The Game – Welcome To Funland details

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