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Masters of Mutanite

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Play as 1 of 8 mutants in an ongoing war for the mysterious power of mutanite!
Gain powers and traits to customize your ultimate mutant.
Combine your powers with environmental objects for devastating elemental effects.
The last player left standing is the winner!

Weaponize the City
Throw cars, water towers, ice cream trucks and more! Flood your opponent’s zone, then fling in a power pole to electrocute them!

Craft Your Mutant
Choose from 41 unique powers and 24 unique traits. Discover new synergies every game!

Streamlined Gameplay
Gameplay flows smoothly from one turn to the next with a simple 3 phase system: Play, Gain, Draw.

Spatial Deckbuilding
Your choices depend on your location. As the city becomes more dangerous, you’re forced to decide: Should I brave the flames to gain the last power for my ultimate takedown?

Layered Strategy
Spend your precious Mutanite on new traits or hoard it for a boosted attack! Is the card your opponent saved going to foil your plan, or are they plotting to deal you massive damage?

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