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Scandinavia during the viking age, from roughly 800 until 1050 AD, is characterized by powerful magnates (or chieftains) and kings. The title of king is not inherited, you fight for it. The leading magnate is recognised by the others as 'first among equals'. Four magnates now battle for Herrlof: the victory and praise gained in war. Who will become the next Viking king?

In this two-person trick taking game your goal is to be the first player to reach 50 points or more, the player with the most points wins. You score points by winning tricks and bonuses you can gain. The game is played in a maximum of 10 rounds (although most often players will easily reach 50 points before that) of 15 cards.

Each round you:
1) deal 15 cards, 2) set the trump, 3) predict your score, 4) battle for tricks, and 5) reveal the predictions and determine your score.
All predictions are done in secret, ensuring your opponent doesn't know your goal.

Certain Vikings have special abilities that will influence tricks. There are also additional cards that can destroy tricks all together or add other uncertainties.

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