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Local Breese Superfan Disappointed by Latest Entry Keyforge

Local gamer Keyth Flowerwood expressed his disappointment today with his favorite designer Richard Breese, known for such classic games as Key Flow, Keythedral, Keytown, and Key to the City: London. After hearing of KeyForge’s release, Flowerwood immediately purchased seven copies, having heard that each game copy was unique.

I wasn’t sure exactly how Richard would pull off the unique game concept, but given my history with him as a designer, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

Expressing his displeasure with the PVP nature of KeyForge’s gameplay, Flowerwood says,

“I prefer my player interactions to be somewhere between solitaire and slight passive-aggression,” Flowerwood states. “The combat in KeyForge just seems antithetical to Breese’s design philosophy.” He also decried the inherent departure in theme, setting, and artwork.

This is nearly as bad as when Matt Leacock abandoned cooperative games and made Forbidden Stars,” Flowerwood continued. “[Forbidden Stars] was easily the weakest of the Forbidden series.”

Neither Richard Breese nor Richard Garfield could be reached for comment.

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