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In the dice game Tulpenfieber, you want to complete a particular pattern in your tulip field first to win.

Each player starts with a game board that's five rows deep, with each row having seven field spaces, each depicting one or more arrangements of dice; the lower the row, the more dice depicted in an arrangement. Three fields start with tulips on them. On a turn, you roll four dice up to three times, keeping or re-rolling dice as you wish. After your third roll, you can flip two tulip tiles in your field face down to have a fourth roll; you can do this again for a fifth roll if you wish, but you can't get a sixth roll and those tiles will be face down for the remainder of the game.

If the dice show an arrangement depicted on your board, you can cover that field with a tulip tile; if not, take a tulip tile and place it next to your board; you can flip this tile face down on a later turn as part of a re-roll, but it has no other benefit.

If you have a vertical column of three tiles or a diagonal line of three tiles that reaches down to the third row, then you can roll five dice on your turn. When you have a vertical or diagonal line that reaches the fourth or fifth row, then you'll roll six or seven dice on a turn. If you have a 2x3 or 3x2 arrangement of tiles on your board, you can place a bonus tile to cover them, and at the start of each turn, you can place one of the dice that you would roll on this tile with the number of your choice.

Whoever first covers all seven fields in the fourth row or three adjacent fields in the fifth row or any four fields in the fifth row wins.

Tulpenfieber includes a solo mode in which you play three rounds of the game, with a round ending only when you meet a victory condition. You gain a permanent tile on the board after rounds one and two to help you advance more quickly, but your final score in the solo game is the sum of all the tiles that you gained over three rounds, with a lower score being better. A score of 60 or lower counts as a win.

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