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The weekend is coming and it seems that all the citizens of Zoo Town have had the same idea: to make a weekend escapade!
There is only one thing that could ruin this perfect weekend: THE DREADED TRAFFIC JAM.

You will have to decide when to travel (morning, noon or night) and the vehicle that you want to use.
Most vehicles won’t score any points if they get stuck in a traffic jam, so their goal is to get points by reaching their destination in fluid traffic, but other vehicles score when there is a traffic jam, like the ice cream truck, that loves them because it’s the best time to make business.
Larger vehicles provide more happiness points, since they are more comfortable, but the larger the vehicle, the higher the chance of being stuck on the road.

Players decide simultaneously and from their hand of cards the vehicle they will travel with and use the rest of their cards to trump the other players’ trips.
Each game round represents a full weekend, including the outbound trip and the return trip. The player with the most points after the third weekend is the winner.

Enjoy your trip!... if you can.

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