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The Dead Eye

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It hangs in deep space.
On the outer rim of the col planets.
At the very edge of the trade routes...

The Dead Eye is a solo card game of post-apocalyptic adventure.

You are Plgrm. Get Partz. Get Furtha. Reach Safe Havn. Beware the Tox.

In The Dead Eye you determine which encounter you face by drawing cards one at a time from the deck until you choose to face the encounter, or it triggers by itself and hence cannot be evaded.

The game is played in a series of "runs". The objective of each run is to reach Safe Havn. The state of the game can be saved between runs. The object of the game is to complete three successful runs before your resources run out.

The Dead Eye includes a 12 page prelude comic, 20 page rule-book, 1-fold game board, stereoscopic-3D glasses and 54 unique cards.

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