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In the heart of the city, steel beams race skyward. While other cities sprawl endlessly outwards, these city planners are looking up - up - UP! Real estate prices are skyrocketing, and it’s time for a new class of skyscraper, the “Supertall”, to reshape the skyline.

In Supertall, 2-3 players are competing developers, presenting their plans for new skyscrapers. Featuring 18 Plan cards with various amenities, players draw 1 card each turn and must choose to add it to their skyscrapers, pass it to their rivals, or leverage it for special abilities. Once all the plans have been built, players score points based on the mix of Residential, Business, Entertainment, and Green Space amenities in their skyscrapers. However, due to constant lobbying, City Hall will heavily tax one of those types making it worth 0 points, so be sure to plan ahead. The player with the most points using hard work and good planning will rise to the top, in Supertall!
Released in the July 2018 Board Game of the Month Club $20+ package, together with Supertall: Municipal Buildings.

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