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Your challenge in Snowhere is to use snow cards to extinguish all the fire in play.

To set up the game, spread the 111 cards fire-side up on the table in a single mass so that none of the cards are separated from one another. On a turn, a player picks up a fire card that is either uncovered or covered by at most a sliver of one other card. Turn the card over. If it shows a giant snowflake, set it aside; otherwise, use it to cover one or more of the fire cards still in play. You cannot cover a fire card one-to-one, but must cover part of the playing area (along with fire) with the snow card or cover part of another snow card already in play.

When a player can no longer remove any fire cards from the table, use any giant snowflakes set aside earlier to cover as much of the remaining fire as possible. The fewer fire cards revealed, the better, and if you have covered all of the fire, then you win.

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