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Snap Ships Tactics

Snap Ships Tactics overview

Snap Ships Tactics is a revolutionary miniatures battle game you play with modular, fully customizable ship models.

In the future, humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien hive mind known as The Komplex. Facing them are the pilots of the Forge: commanders of spacecraft known as Snap Ships. Fast attack craft, interceptors, armored bombers, dropships, and support craft - Snap Ships are constructed from modular components allowing ships to be outfitted on-the-fly for the specific mission at hand.

In Snap Ships Tactics, each player builds a custom miniature ship (or a squadron of them) and commands them in intense tactical combat over a series of rounds. Ships are completely modular and built from a library of hundreds of unique plastic components. Ships maneuver across a freeform battlefield, as players allocate power to their ship's unique systems to move, evade, and fire many different weapons. They can take advantage of battlefield hazards and terrain to gain the upper hand and seek to destroy the ships in their opponent’s squadron.

Game Features:

BUILD a ship from scratch and equip it to fit your play style
DETAILED miniatures using the quick-to-build yet high fidelity Snap Ships system
BATTLE across a configurable play space using an innovative movement system
HUNDREDS of components to choose from across multiple ship and unit sizes
VS, CO-OP and SOLO modes with a card driven AI system that lets you dogfight against the game

Snap Ships Tactics: because the best ship is the one you create!

—decription from the designer

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