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The feather party starts! In the card game Samoa, each player gets their own mask, but ownership of the masks is secret. The players collect feathers on the beach to decorate the masks as beautifully as possible. In the end, the most colorful masks are worth the most points.

The players play colored or black cards to the five masks. They don't know which mask belongs to whom, but they are trying to deduce that information. If they guess correctly, they receive bonus points. If the owner of a mask is correctly guessed by everyone, then that player loses.

In turn, the active player reveals a card from the deck and places it above or below a mask. As soon as a mask has five feather cards, points are awarded. However, only at the end of the round will the owners of these points (and the masks) be identified. The game lasts for three rounds, so if you don't score in a round, you will get two additional chances.

The elements water, fire, and air influence the party. Sometimes the sea brings additional feathers, while the wind in combination with a campfire could burn a feather.

Decorate the masks on the island, mask yourself, and press your luck!

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