Space Cowboys and Neiman Marcus Team Up to Release Ultimate Splendor Just in Time for Christmas!

French board game publishers Space Cowboys and New York high-end retailer Neiman Marcus have joined forces to create a very special board game for both the discriminating player and gemstone aficionado on your Christmas list.

Ultimate Splendor sees the artistic renderings of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, onyx, and diamonds on the game’s development cards replaced with one to three-carat versions of actual gemstones.  Each jewel is certified as natural by independent Gemological Institute of American (GIA) Graduate Gemologists and was individually chosen on the basis of clarity, color, and being free from inclusions and/or fractures.  Every precious stone was then hand-cut, one by one, by a GIA Graduate Gemologist and award-winning lapidary artist of the US Faceters Guild.

Each development card is encased in an individually molded, museum-quality, acrylic plexiglass ‘sleeve’.  This slimline container serves two purposes: first, to keep the linen cardstock free from scratches, wear, and tear and, second, it preserves the gemstones in a vacuum-sealed environment until such time as the owner decides to remove them for use in jewelry for personal use.  We understand that these extras might take up more room than the original components; but let’s be honest, there’s still plenty of room in the box.

The GIA, in collaboration with Space Cowboys and Neiman Marcus, is providing a special toll-free number where Ultimate Splendor owners will have access to jewelry designers.  These artists have been specially trained to work with the specific sizes and cuts of each Ultimate Splendor gemstone. They will present you with a variety of handcrafted, detailed jewelry designs to meet your select, personal design taste.

While the original game’s gemstone tokens have received considerable attention and praise, the final word on Splendor’s gemstone tokens must go to the fabulous, genuine gemstones included in Ultimate Splendor.

A stack of weighted poker chips with a suitable image of a non-pedigree stone may be fine for the mass public.  However, such trifles simply cannot compare with the sparkling dazzle of the authentic gemstones provided with Ultimate Splendor.  You’ll stop the game before you start when you lay out the seven classic cut sapphires; seven emerald cut emeralds; seven cushion-cut rubies; seven baguette-cut onyx; and seven brilliant-cut diamonds at the base of your set of glistening development cards.

With sizes ranging from 25-carat rubies to 100-carat diamonds, these fine and rare gemstones will be the hit of the season and the sensation of any gaming table for years to come.

And don’t think the designers forgot about the ‘wild card’ gold tokens players take with each development card they reserve.  Ultimate Splendor comes complete with five bars of solid 24-carat gold weighing 27 pounds each.

So, this Christmas forget your pedestrian tallying of the cost of each item of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  If you truly want to show the board game lover in your life how much they mean to you, there is simply no finer gift than Ultimate Splendor.

Call Neiman Marcus today to order your very limited edition Ultimate Splendor.

Sadly, if you need to ask the price, you cannot afford it.

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