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Welcome to your Personal Space. A continuous game of living your best life.

In Personal Space, you’ll play once a day (if you would like to) and experience a little bit of the daily life on your planet. You can go to your job, collect resources, explore side moons, interact with your neighbors, interact with other players, and much more.

There are real life elements to the game (your real life weather and time of day will matter), and there is some real life communication involved as well (you can interact and trade with other players - and the game - online - for example, do you want a better job in game? You can apply online for it.).

The game uses Roll & Write elements to try to squeeze in as much as possible in your Daily Grid. Do you want to load up on resources every day incase there’s something awesome to trade for? Go for it. Maybe you want to load up on resources and give them away each day? That’s all you. Maybe you just want to explore and meet new people? Or concentrate on a hobby? Or set daily goals and knock them off your to-do list? Or just wander in the rain in the middle of the night? Much of this is possible.

Within each of the actions you take are small dice games. Some like fishing in your pond require betting on the outcome and rolling for success. All of this can be manipulated by your daily stats of Brainpower, Luck and Creativity. Each allows you a unique way to manipulate die rolls, but these are limited in each game session.

There are also continuous or legacy elements where you place stickers onto cards, customizing your experience and making your game unlike any other.

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