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Miner’s Lagoon

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Miner's Lagoon is a resource management and worker placement board game for 2 to 4 players. You will take the role of a Mining Corporation CEO and try to outcompete your opponents. To this end, there will be a lot of decision making to be made.

You start with chosing your corporation out of the 2 possible corporations you were dealt. To build your strategy from the very beginning of the game, you will chose 2 secret objectives out of the 3.

Throughout the game, you will navigate islands to complete actions that suits best to your strategy.

These actions include:

- Recruit a Merchant
- Recruit a Miner
- Buy an Equipment
- Open up Galleries
- Operate a Mining Site
- Draw or Complete a Deal
- Make Shipment
- Enrich your resources / Buy enriched resources
- Trade
- Buy an artifact

With 2 different types of workers(Merchants and Miners), you and your opponents will try to reach 30 points to trigger the ending condition but that doesn't guarantee you the win.

Secret objective cards will determine the most successful Mining Corporation in Lagoon.

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