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MacGyver: The Escape Room Game

MacGyver: The Escape Room Game details

MacGyver: The Escape Room Game overview

MacGyver: The Escape Room Game comes with five hour-long escape room scenarios in the box, with each scenario in its own sealed square envelope. There is also a card that gives some flavor text and instructions on how to play the game, and leads players to the game’s companion website,

The website functions as the game’s timer, and is where you enter solutions to the puzzles. It also has a button to get hints. The game will not function without the website, so the game is not playable without an Internet connection.

The goal of MacGyver: The Escape Room Game is to solve a series of puzzles over a set period of time. The app has three settings:

Easy - not timed
Medium - 75 minutes
Hard - 45 minutes

The Underground Lab scenario has six puzzles, each of which must be completed, and correctly entered into the website, to progress to the next. Incorrect answers give a time penalty. The puzzles, unlike some other escape room games, were completely linear, with only one to complete at a time. There are four other scenarios in the box -- Airplane, Factory, Missile Silo, and Grand Finale -- and they have to be played in order. Some of the later scenarios reuse items, but no game pieces needed to be cut, torn, or otherwise damaged.

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