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At the start of Kenya, a card game of African animals, each player receives a hand of four cards: three animals and a "goal" card; each goal card depicts a pair of identical animals, and you want to have the most face-up animals of this kind in play at the end of the game.

Taking turns, each player adds one of three face-up animal cards to his hand, then plays a card onto the line of cards already on the table (the savannah) until a player has no cards in hand. (The goal card is played during the game as an animal card.) Each kind of animal has a power when played: the meerkat allows the player to draw an additional card; the lion returns a card next to him face down; the elephant returns a card next to him face up; and the rhino moves a card. Some animal cards depict ponds, and animals next to ponds score two points instead of one.

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