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What challenges will your Potatoes encounter?!

In Hot Potato! you will use one of your six Potatoes to best deal with Encounters. Your Sweet Potato is a good match against a Vicious Virus, and the Rambotato will surely defeat a Furious Fryer. But both would suffer in an Encounter with a Wicked Weed.

You play quick and easy rounds that consist of four steps:
1) play a Potato card facedown and simultaneously reveal it, 2) draw the Encounter card, 3) deal with the Encounter and see who wins a point, 4) use Potato effects. These effects can only be used by the 'loser(s)' of the round and are generally an advantage for the next round. But be careful, if Rambotato fired the Hot Potato at you, you cannot use any effects!

The first player to make it to 10 points wins the game.

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