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Freedom Rings is a game based on the idea that an economy is a community that can be free and fair to all. The richest don’t always win and victory is what you choose it to be. The game board is inspired by a thriving city; with the greatest land values in its heart, medium land values in the suburbs, and the lowest land values in the rural areas. Freedom Rings’ blends economics, ease of play, and short time to finish.

Each player receives the 7 goal cards and chooses a single goal card to secretly play. The game is played with the 3 playing pieces, one for each of the three property rings. Before each turn, the player must choose which ring to play. The first time a player plays a ring, if it’s with a die roll, the playing piece starts at the Pay Interest Street. The playing pieces move clockwise around the board. Every turn, except for the first turn and power plays, requires a die roll. The die roll isn’t to determine what property you claim, but to keep players moving around the board and to see if rent is due to another player.

When the game begins, all players have no money, no property, and no debt. Acquiring property is the way for a player to achieve their goal. The community is the bank, so players will volunteer to watch the flows of cash and debt as needed. Turn by turn, players accumulate properties. Tactics to win can include the following: acquiring properties after a die roll, purchasing other property, consolidating properties, trading acquired property for vacant property trading with other players. Other tactics become available as the game’s economy grows and include earning the ability to change production point values, interest rates, and even your chosen goal. Only the wiliest will make the most of what is freely given in this game.

A player wins by achieving a goal chosen from seven goal cards available. Victory can be had with much wealth, or little wealth, depending upon the chosen card. Players claim property squares on the board with every turn until they’ve acquired what’s needed as stated on their chosen goal card. Final scoring is calculated with the value for each property square, less the player’s debt.

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Freedom Rings

Based on a 2015 book about the theory of economics, Freedom Rings puts forward a vision of the future. But does this future excite Will or scare him? Read on...

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