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Founding Fathers

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Politics year to year in the early American republic. Play begins with George Washington as president, with Vice President John Adams. Each player controls several statesmen as well as others who will appear, up through the arrival of Abraham Lincoln. Together the players try to solve the issues faced by the young republic -- wars, debt, financial panics, the growth of the Union, north-south division, and more. Every four years the most popular politicians from each party square off to see who becomes the next president.

Somewhat similar to The Republic of Rome, but with many modifications to suit the topic, including a completely different way of resolving elections and a more nuanced treatment of Issue cards (rather than simply Wars), plus novelties such as the Public Support Track, spendable Influence, political parties, more offices, tax cards, counterfactual events and an ever-expanding map of the United States.

If diplomacy is not your cup of tea, a variant printed in the rules removes all requirements to negotiate and makes it a matter of cardplay, drafting and utilization of resources.

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