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Captain’s Gambit: Kings of Infinite Space

Captain's Gambit: Kings of Infinite Space overview

Captain's Gambit is an asymmetric Shakespeare-inspired hidden role game.

Your secret objective depends on which alien captain you're given - for example, the technomancer Prospero must stockpile power, brainmother Lady Macbeth must bloody her hands, and Hamlet must assassinate a specific target.

Each player has one captain card and two permit cards. Permit cards correlate to permit actions, which are powerful moves that can be bluffed. Since permit cards stay face-down, players can declare any action they would like - but other players can challenge that declaration if they're doubtful.
Whoever loses the bluff call takes 3 damage!

Since each captain's win condition is different, this means players can form unlikely alliances or make intriguing offers to get ahead. Captain's Gambit encourages players to engage in a high amount of table talk and persuasive efforts in order to win.

—description from the designer

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