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I was introduced to board games via Catan as a pleasant escape from the doldrums and conundrums of attending graduate school. Coming from a large MMORPG (World of Warcraft) background, I was constantly drawn to socialize and gather friends together. As the years passed, my growing enthusiasm for board games facilitated a hard switch to the tabletop gaming space as my allowable free time began to decrease. I guess this is simply a development of growing into your career.

I serve the community in my daytime job as a Physical Therapist, with a focus on Orthopedics and Sport Injuries. Throughout the week, I consult many individuals who are dealing with pain, whether it be chronic or acute, and assisting patients in their recovery. Much of what I do requires the analysis of human behavior as they manage an injury or cope with pain, and ensure I mold myself into a therapist that facilitates growth, development, and healing.

In board gaming, I plan on doing much of the same. While my personal interests lie heavily into heavy euro games, and long economic 18XX games, I very much just want to develop this hobby. Board games serve individuals for a variety of needs, and I simply want my contributions on Meeple Mountain to explore those ideas even deeper.

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